What is Gingival Contouring?

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what is gingival contouring

What is Gingival Contouring?

It is not always misaligned or discolored teeth which result in aesthetic discrepancies in your smile, oftentimes these discrepancies are the result of uneven gum shaping. However, modern dental technology has enabled dentists to perform gingival contouring to correct the shortcomings of our natural gum shaping with the use of sophisticated laser technology. Although gingival contouring qualifies as a cosmetic procedure that is performed to enhance the appearance of your teeth, the procedure is also performed as part of certain important periodontal or regenerative procedures. Let us learn more about gingival contouring in North Edmonton.

When is it Appropriate?

Those in Edmonton who wish to rid themselves of their uneven gum shaping should consider gingival contouring. Uneven gum shaping includes cases of gums that cover a distinctly greater portion of your teeth. Gingival contouring is also performed when the patient’s gums are receding and a higher than usual portion of the tooth surface is visible. This unusual gum shaping could be hereditary in nature or it could be a result of a reaction to certain medication.

How Does it Work?

Gingival contouring is a relatively complicated periodontal procedure, and only the more qualified dental or periodontal experts perform the procedure. The procedure begins with using anesthesia in order to numb the gum region in order to nullify the sensation of pain. The dental expert then proceeds to remove the excess gum tissue with the help of a gum tissue laser. The laser is also used to properly shape the gum tissue in order to make measured aesthetic improvements. The need to be absolutely precise makes gingival contouring not the easiest procedure to perform.

What are its Advantages?

In Edmonton, gingival contouring can easily be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers or teeth whitening, if one wishes to reconstruct their smile to perfection. The procedure, as a result of its technological brilliance, delivers results in the matter of a few weeks. Furthermore, gingival contouring rids your gums of harmful infections and results in significant improvement to your oral health.

Post-Procedural Care

Your gums are especially vulnerable after the gingival contouring procedure is performed, and special care must be taken in order to not cause irritation to the sensitive tissues. Brushing and flossing activities are to be performed with lesser force; otherwise, you risk gum bleeding or the development of an infection. To make sure you are at the top of your oral health, regularly visiting our dental experts is necessary.

The complexity of gingival contouring makes it imperative that you only rely on our established dental clinic near you. Reach out to Beverly Heights Dental for more information on this procedure.