Mucocele Treatment in North Edmonton, AB

Mucocele Treatment Near You

Don’t let the fancy-sounding term throw you off – an oral mucocele is simply a cyst filled with mucus. Just like dental abscesses, cysts can form anywhere in your mouth. Although they typically heal on their own and go away after a few days or so, larger cysts can be removed by a dentist. This is known as oral mucocele treatment.

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mucocele treatment in north edmonton

A More In-Depth Look

Oral cysts are essentially blisters that form inside your mouth. The fluid that’s inside this fleshy sac is typically mucus. Despite sounding painful, most cysts don’t cause you any pain. You’re most likely familiar with them because they can form from biting your lip. In other cases, if your salivary glands become blocked and your saliva has nowhere to go, this fluid can end up amalgamating and forming a cyst too.
As mentioned above, cysts tend to go away after a day or two and don’t usually require dental treatment. But if you’re dealing with a large cyst, you might want to consider visiting your dentist, significantly if it’s interfering with your ability to talk, chew, or swallow.


Who does oral mucoceles impact?

Even though anyone can develop a cyst, people under 30 are likelier to create them.

What are the symptoms associated with an oral mucocele?

When a cyst is present in your mouth or elsewhere on your body, it will look round, shaped like a dome. It can either appear clear or have a bluish hue.
It isn’t painful but can be an annoying presence in your mouth when you’re eating a meal or trying to brush your teeth.

What causes oral mucoceles to form? 

Minor oral trauma can give rise to cysts. This can include lip-biting or chewing, inflammation from smoking, damaged salivary glands, and intubation.

What does mucocele treatment in North Edmonton look like?

There are three approaches that you can take if you’re looking to have a cyst removed. This includes the following:

  • Cryotherapy – Using a source of extreme cold, your dentist will freeze the cyst.
  • Laser dentistry – A special laser designed to remove soft tissues will be implemented to remove the cyst.
  • Surgery – The cyst will be physically cut from the site with a scalpel.

Before this happens, however, your dentist will evaluate your mouth, and they may take x-rays to understand your dental situation better. If you have any questions or concerns, let your dentist know so they can act accordingly and ensure you’re comfortable.

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