Dental Bonding in North Edmonton, AB

Dental Bonding Near You

Do you want to enhance the appearance of your smile but aren’t completely sold on teeth whitening or porcelain veneers?

Allow us to introduce you to dental bonding. This treatment can effectively address fragmentation, discoloration, and other dental issues that can derail your confidence and harm your teeth. Contact us today for more information about dental bonding in North Edmonton, AB.

dental bonding in north edmonton

What Exactly is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding doesn’t require any such measures, unlike receiving dental crowns, which incorporate local anesthesia, and porcelain veneers that involve etching off some of your protective enamel. No preparation is needed before your appointment either.

A putty made of composite resin is applied to your teeth. Our dental bonding dentist can manipulate this material to repair your smile. While the resin is indeed quite durable, it is still vulnerable to damage and may eventually need to be replaced further down the road. But maintaining good oral health habits, not chewing on pencils, ice, or hard candy, or using your teeth to open packages will help the result of this treatment last much longer.

What Can Dental Bonding Fix?

Listed below are the main things that dental bonding can fix:

  • Cracked teeth.
  • Chipped teeth.
  • Stains.
  • Too wide of gaps between your teeth.
  • Irregularly shaped teeth.
  • Altering the size of a tooth (usually making a shorter tooth appear longer).

Our dentist will be able to let you know if you’re an ideal candidate to receive dental bonding near you. They’ll guide you through the process from top to bottom and answer any queries and concerns that you might have.
Overall, this cosmetic process is typically recommended for more minor changes. Our dentist may recommend dental crowns or a dental bridge if you need more extensive care.

The Bonding Process

Just one visit to the dentist is all that’s needed to receive teeth bonding near you.

Once you’ve been given the go-ahead from our dentist following your initial consultation, your mouth will be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. Together with our dentist, you’ll choose the shade of white that works best with your smile and appears the most natural.

A special is applied to your tooth, which helps the bonding material stick. After the resin has been put in place, it’ll need a few minutes to solidify; a UV light will speed up this process.

And . . . voila! A wonderful new smile crafted for you and you alone! All done!

Are you looking to receive convenient, successful treatment for dental bonding in North Edmonton? Call or visit us at Beverly Heights Dental today! Our team members are here to help you fall in love with your smile.