Dental Implants in North Edmonton, AB

Dental Implants Near You

Dealing with missing teeth is more than just annoying – it can lead to infection or decay if bacteria and plaque build up in such a gap, sensitivity, and even bone deterioration in severe cases. Therefore, it’s best to address such an issue so your smile can heal and get back to functioning properly.

Receiving dental implants in North Edmonton, AB, is a wonderful solution to keep in mind. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this treatment option, contact our dental clinic today.

dental implants in north edmonton

What are Implants?

A dental implant is a customized device surgically implanted into your jawbone to fill in gaps in your smile. The screw and abutment – made of titanium since this material is biocompatible – act as a replacement root for your tooth. The prosthetic that sits atop these pieces, usually a dental crown, acts as the visible portion of your tooth. It helps you chew, bite, and talk like you normally would.

Although this treatment is available to any patient who wants to restore the functionality of their smile, some are more suitable than others. Individuals with a strong and, therefore, healthy jaw, who don’t smoke, who cannot wear dentures, and who are willing to invest their time and money into this lengthy process are ideal recipients of dental implants.

You’ll need to consult our dental implant dentist first to know whether such a treatment is right for you. They will physically evaluate your teeth and gums and take x-rays to create a comprehensive picture of your oral health. If you’re given the green light for this tooth implant process, you’ll have to come back and see our dentist for 2 more appointments.

Have questions about dental implants near you? Always let your dental team know so they can’t act accordingly and keep you comfortable.

The Implant Process

Our dentist or dental hygienist will remove molds from your smile after consultation. These molds are used to design a crown that will fit inside your space exactly. The implant and abutment (called the connecting piece) are installed using a dental drill. Local anesthesia will be provided to you to keep you nice and relaxed.

Your mouth will need a proper amount of time to heal following this procedure. After our dentist checks that it doesn’t interfere with your bite pattern, you’ll be free to go. Eventually, you’ll return to the dentist to receive your crown.

It’s normal to feel sore following your treatment. Take Advil or Tylenol to manage the pain, and stick to eating soft foods for the first few days. Brush and floss near the procedure site very gently too.

Looking to acquire dental implants in North Edmonton? Well, we’ve got you covered! At Beverly Heights Dental, our amazing staff is here to aid you in your oral health journey and get your smile back to where it should be. Call or go to our website today.