Dental Veneers – Some Positives and Negatives

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dental veneers some positives and negatives

Dental Veneers give quick, easy and long lasting cosmetic results. Lets take a brief look at the good and bad.

The Good

  • Spectacular results. Transforms your smile. Fixes minor to moderate teeth imperfections liked chipped or discolored teeth.

  • They appear natural. Veneers handle light in much the same way that enamel or tooth handles light. As such, it will be difficult to see where the enamel ends and the veneer begins.

  • They are stain resistant. Porcelain venners are very impervious and durable substance. Other options are not as good in this regard.

  • They can last a long time. Several studies have shown that a very large percentage (over 80%) of them last for 20 years, and ones lasting 30 or more years are not unheard of.

Not So Good

  • It is not appropriate for those with teeth that are more decayed or damaged. A dental veneer is more like a bandage. It can cover up but not necessarily heal the underlying cause.

  • Moreover, whereas much of your body is self-healing (that is why cuts and bruises disappear) your teeth are less so. Thus, you ought to have relatively healthy teeth to have a dental veneer placed.

  • As with many dental procedures, there can be heightened sensitivity in the teeth for the first week (possibly longer).

  • They are expensive. Check to see if your dental or medical insurance covers this.