Tooth Bridges vs. Implants

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tooth bridges vs implants

In the event of a missing tooth due to an injury or a dental complication, you need to consider tooth replacement to prevent further dental complexities that stem from a missing tooth. . There are two popular procedures in the world of general dentistry that you’ll have to choose from, after your consultation with your doctor. The procedure you eventually opt for primarily depends on a combination of (i) your dental condition, and (ii) your preferences. Which choice you select depends on the many advantages and disadvantages of getting either procedure done. Allow us to present a comparison between the two general dentistry procedures to aid your decision-making process, since both are practical solutions in their own right.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a means to bridge the gap between two teeth while using the surrounding healthy teeth, also known as abutment teeth, as ‘anchors’. Now, some portion of the enamel of the abutment teeth is shredded away as that’s where the crowns are adjusted. The replacement teeth are then attached to the crown.


1. The procedures involves no surgery, making it relatively uncomplicated

2. The procedure doesn’t take too much time, two or three dental visits are sufficient in order to get suitable results

3. The procedure is particularly beneficial in cases where the patient has experienced loss of jaw bone or has experienced severe damage

4. The procedure is relatively painless


1. This isn’t a permanent solution, and must be replaced every ten to fifteen years depending on the condition

2. The procedure doesn’t guard you against chances of possible tooth decay and gum diseases later on

3. The procedure needs excellent oral hygiene afterwards in order to be effective

4. The procedure requires additional prior treatment if nerve endings have been affected due to the impact of the tooth loss

Dental Implants

Relatively straightforward and commonly used, the procedure involves the simple replacement of the missing tooth with a titanium implant that is fitted into the jaw bone. The titanium post is sufficiently able to hold the false, replacement teeth.


1. An implant is considered as a functional, permanent solution to a complicated problem

2. It is possible to execute the procedure within a single day

3. The procedure doesn’t hamper or alter your adjoining teeth unlike dental bridges

4. The procedure isn’t as susceptible to tooth decay as bridges are

5. There’s also the provision of fitting multiple implants depending on the requirement


1. The process is comparatively complicated since it involves a surgery

2. The aftermath of the procedure needs adequate ‘healing time’ before the replacement tooth is attached

3. The procedure is comparatively more expensive than a dental bridge

4. Since the procedure is complicated, there’s need for a period of preparation time before the surgery

For all your preferences, the procedure you must eventually opt for could severely hinge on your dental condition and that makes it important for you to consult our dental clinic near you which offers dental check-ups along with a range of general dentistry procedures.