Ouch! The pain after a tooth is pulled out!

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the pain after a tooth is pulled out

Pain. It is not the most favorable things we like to experience. Be it a throbbing pain in your stomach, a migraine or the excruciating pain post-surgery. But sometimes the actual pain is not as severe as we perceive it to be. And when perceptual pain is greater than reality, it paves the way for anxiety and paranoia. Some of us get the idea of going to a dentist because some random childhood experience has made us believe that the dentist’s clinic is a traumatizing place. This fear is further intensified when you have to undergo a tooth extraction. Yes, dental anxiety is a real phenomenon. Thanks to the perceived pain we associate with dental treatments.

For a first timer, tooth extraction pain might seem daunting but with medical advancements, the procedure for tooth extraction these days is quite painless.

How is it Done?

There are basically two types of extraction that our dentists perform.

  1. Surgical extraction
  2. Simple extraction

We will focus on the simple extraction process that is widely practiced. In this process, our dental expert will first numb the tooth that needs to be extracted. Along with the tooth, even the surrounding areas (bone and gums) are numbed. To numb these regions, you will be given injections at various spots in your mouth. Yes, this is where you might experience minor pain. But that will be it.

Within some time of giving the injection, all the concerned portions will become numb. Our dentist will check for the numbness before he proceeds with the tooth extractions near you. The first process involves our dentist stripping off the gum tissue surrounding the tooth after which she will start applying pressure to remove the tooth.

After a couple of hours, the local anesthesia will slowly wear off and you will start feeling a little pain. This post-procedure pain is bearable in most cases. But, if you feel the pain is too much for you to take, then you can take a painkiller that our dental expert would prescribe for you.

Post Tooth Extraction Care

Once the procedure is done, you will be asked to refrain from eating food that is too hot or too cold, for a few days. For the next two days, you will have to consume food that does not require a lot of chewing. You should ideally refrain from intensive physical activity for a day or two, till the dental pain eases and rinse your mouth with warm salt water from time to time. Adhering to our dentist’s instructions will ensure that you can keep your tooth extraction pain in check.

Still wary about your tooth extraction procedure? Don’t be! Our dentist in North Edmonton try to ensure that you have to deal with very little pain during and after a tooth extraction.