How Neglecting Your Oral Hygiene Can Lead to Loss of Teeth

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how neglecting your oral hygiene can lead to loss of teeth

All your childhood, they kept telling you how important it is to brush your teeth (twice a day!). They kept telling you the many benefits of flossing your teeth regularly. They kept telling you how important those bi-annual visits to the dentist’s office are. They obviously had a point when they said those things – they wanted to prevent this toothache that you’re struggling with! We’re sure you’re not enjoying this toothache. It must be such an unpleasant feeling. But, there’s still time, you can still prevent this situation from worsening. If you, however, continue to neglect your oral health further, you’re staring down the prospect of losing a tooth. Here’s how.

The Rise of Plaque and Decay

All foods that you consume – especially those with excess sugar – have an effect on your teeth. This effect is enhanced further if you further neglect your teeth.

How so?

The sugary foods you consume lead to the gradual formation of plaque, which manifests as a mildly sticky, pale yellow substance that develops on the surface of your teeth.

What happens if I don’t bother?

The plaque formation will eventually lead to tooth decay, which can lead to the loss of teeth in severe cases.

What should I do about it?

If this plaque is developing to a more advanced stage, your only way out is a professional scaling or cleaning. Even as a general practice, it’s always useful to come down to our dentist in North Edmonton for a professional cleaning session at least once a year.

The Danger of Gingivitis

The harmful toxins that are present that are produced by bacteria (that lead to plaque) can harm your oral health in other ways too. These toxins can trouble your gums and lead to an irritation. This will eventually lead to gingivitis. With the passage of time, you would notice that your gums are reddening, swelling, and are prone to bleeding. Under such circumstances, if the bacteria make it to the interior of the gums due to an injury, you’re in for a dangerous pus discharge. At an advanced stage, this gingivitis graduates to periodontitis. In addition to the formation of a foul pus and bad breath, the infection can also weaken the bone that supports the teeth. At this stage, your gum may abandon the tooth altogether, thus resulting in tooth loss. We, as our dentist don’t want such an outcome for you.

Neglecting your oral health can have more severe, far-reaching consequences that also affect your overall health; losing a tooth isn’t all. For instance, neglecting your oral health puts you at a risk of memory loss, serious respiratory problems such as pneumonia and bronchitis. If you want to avoid these unpleasant consequences, it’s best to take proper care of your oral health. Brush twice a day and floss regularly, avoid unhealthy oral habits that harm your oral health and come down to our dental clinic for a dental cleaning. You can contact us to book an appointment.