Why and When You Need Root Canal Treatment

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why and when you need root canal treatment

The primary reason you need a root canal treatment is that you may have severely decayed tooth (or teeth). This decay has now breached the outermost protective layer of your teeth and has made it into the interiors, and this invariably leads to pain in your root canal. When this happens, your root canal needs a thorough clean-up and the treatment may also include removing infected nerves. Let us explore when and why you may need the treatment.

When You May Need the Treatment?

Now, you are most likely not a dental professional so as to be certain about your need for a root canal treatment and we certainly don’t want you to conduct a self-diagnosis. But, regardless, it may help your cause if you were to check for these common signs and symptoms to act on your possible need for a root canal therapy near you.

  • You may experience pain while you’re chewing on your food
  • You may experience tooth sensitivity when you’re consuming hot or cold food or drinks
  • You may notice a small bump that appears like a pimple appear near the region where you experience toothache
  • You may feel that your teeth (or tooth) seems darker than usual
  • You may feel a swelling in your gums that surround the region where you may experience pain

If all of these symptoms apply to you, then you may need the root canal treatment. But, it’s still best to visit our dentist and let them decide if you require the treatment. Dentists have their own tests that they conduct in order to determine if you need the treatment.

Why You Surely Need the Treatment?

Let’s assume you don’t get the treatment even after determining you really, really need one. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, the infection that was at first contained to your tooth can and will spread like wildfire. The first casualty will be your gum, which can cause a jaw abscess and cause unbearable pain. Furthermore, if the infection spreads further, the whole of your body can be at a risk, which essentially means a systemic body infection. This infection, at its worse, can endanger your life.

At this stage, when you can’t really be sure that you need the treatment, it’s best to visit our dentist in North Edmonton regardless to reconfirm. When you’re noticing common symptoms such as a toothache and tooth sensitivity, you may want to anyway. If it may not be a need for the root canal treatment, it may be for some other dental condition that might need attention. Contact us to come down for a check-up, it’s not too late just yet!