All You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry

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all you need to know about sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a medical procedure involving administering oral sedative drugs for a dental procedure. There are quite a few people who avoid going to dental clinics as they fear all kinds of dental procedures. The main aim is to reduce the patient’s fear of the dental procedure. Avoiding our dentist in North Edmonton on a long-term basis can have serious implications.

These people stand at risk of being affected with dental problems like- tooth staining and decay, painful toothaches, gum disease, oral infection, and even oral cancer. Sedation dentistry is the answer to this problem.

Other diseases are associated with the lack of dental hygiene and dental care. People ignoring gum diseases increases the chance of cardiac problems, dementia, erectile dysfunctions, respiratory problems, and diabetes.

Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

  1. Patient relaxation- Nitrous oxide is generally pumped in through the nose of the patient. It results in a mild-euphoria. The patient feels relaxed.
  2. Anxiety relief- Some people are nervous. They generally suffer from pre-procedure anxiety. They tend to ignore the requirement of professional dental care due to fear of pain or some unforeseen horrible accident. Anxious patients would always benefit from the procedures as the sedatives would calm down their nerves.
  3. Relief from pain- Pain-free treatment is one of the main reasons sedation dentistry is becoming so popular nowadays. The powerful anesthetics and sedatives eliminate the chances of feeling any pain.
  4. Significant reduction in gag reflex– The gag reflex is a natural autonomous instinct of the body to expel any foreign object from the mouth. Though it is useful in general circumstances, our dentist might find it a bit obstructive. With sedation dentistry, the chances of a gag reflex are minimized. This enables our dentist to work freely and quickly.
  5. Little or no memory of treatment– The amnesic state of the patient caused due to the sedatives generally erases the entire episode from the patient’s mind. The patient would no longer be hesitant and fearful of visiting our dentist again.
  6. Time saver- As the patient is under the influence of sedatives, there won’t be any of the usual fidgety movements. Surgeons would be able to work on the patient with calmness and confidence. Sometimes the doctors may perform multiple procedures during the same appointment with a patient, thus eliminating the need for multiple appointments. 

Is it for you?

Sedation dentistry can be useful for anyone afraid of undergoing dental procedures, especially those restless children who find it hard to stay still during such operations or fear the mere idea of being at the mercy of our dentist. If this sounds like you, here’s how you can contact us.