Dental Crowns for The Front Teeth

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dental crowns for the front teeth

Has your doctor asked you to get dental crowns for your front teeth? Are you wary about undergoing the procedure? If yes, then read on to get a brief overview of dental crowns for front teeth.

To begin with, dental crowns is one of the services that is listed under general dentistry. Dental crowns are dental caps that our dentist places over your teeth to enhance the overall appearance of your front teeth. Sometimes it is also done for restoration purposes or to protect your existing teeth from further degeneration.

Why Do People Opt For Dental Crowns For Front Teeth?

There are many reasons someone would opt for dental crowns for front teeth. In some cases, patients want to improve the aesthetics of their smile without undergoing a painful implant surgery. But according to the Canadian Dental Association, the most common causes of getting dental crowns for front teeth are:

  • If your tooth/ teeth have been treated with a root canal,
  • If you have broken or misshapen teeth,
  • If you have decayed tooth/ teeth,
  • If you have met with an accident and cracked your teeth.

For front teeth, our dentist near you usually recommend porcelain crowns as they are the closest to the color of your natural teeth enamel. Moreover, you don’t chew as much with your front teeth as you do with your molars. Hence, the traditionally used metal crowns won’t be necessary.

Getting Dental Crowns For Front Teeth

The procedure for getting dental crowns is a two-phase process. The first phase involves preparing your front teeth for fixing the dental crowns. Our dentist will first assess the condition of your teeth and the surrounding bone with the help of an X-ray. If there are no gum infections or cavities, then you are considered to be fit for the process. But if you already have a dental condition, then you will have to get that treated before you proceed with getting dental crowns.

In the next phase, our dentist will take the impression of your front teeth and send it to the laboratory where your permanent crowns will be made. This could take anywhere between 7-15 days. Our dentist will fix temporary crowns on your teeth till the time you the permanent ones don’t arrive.

Caring For Dental Crowns on Your Front Teeth

After the crown is fixed, you will have to take good care of them to ensure they are not damaged. This involves brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and also visiting your dentist to ensure your crowns are stable. You might also have to be mindful of certain habits that could damage your crowns like chewing on ice or nails, biting pens and pencils or hard objects like candies.

If you wish to know more about getting dental crowns, then get in touch with our dentists at Beverly Heights Dental. We believe that every individual deserves special personalized dental care and our detailed dental evaluation ensures that we have a treatment plan that is customized based on your needs and expectations.