Can Veneers Fix Buck Teeth?

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can veneers fix buck teeth

It is true that sometimes buck teeth on your children look somewhat cute. Looking like Bugs Bunny, they hop around the house laughing and you laugh with them too. But buck teeth won’t look good for too long. Growing up with buck teeth can be hard on children sometimes.

Buck teeth, if not cured in early ages, can lead to a deformed jaw shape and an imperfect face structure. Teeth protruding away from the jaw are also responsible for the misalignment of the bite shape. Buck teeth can result in lack of confidence. It develops social anxiety in some people, who end up feeling awkward in joining people in conversations. Buck teeth must be fixed in order to have self-confidence.

What Causes Buck Teeth?

Buck teeth are generally caused by bad childhood habits. The most possible cause of buck teeth is the thumb sucking habit that infants develop. Thumb sucking is an involuntary action used by infants and toddlers to calm themselves down. While sucking the thumb, the pressure from sucking is exerted on the front jaws and gums. When the first teeth come out, thumb sucking affects the direction of growth of the teeth and the shape of the jaw. This can have an effect on permanent teeth as well because the roots from the baby teeth are the same ones used to grow back a permanent set of teeth after the baby teeth have fallen off.

Buck teeth can also be caused by the thrusting of the tongue on the upper teeth whenever you swallow food, sleep or are reading. It is also a reaction towards stress in many people. The problem of buck teeth can also be carried down the genes of the family. If people in your family have buck teeth, you or your child might possibly inherit the problem. Malocclusions, a term used for buck teeth in general dentistry, is supposed to be treated so that a person can have a better alignment of their jaws, a proper bite shape and better aesthetic appeal to their facial structure.

How are Veneers Used for Treating Buck Teeth?

Veneers are a hassle-free and inexpensive ‘quick-fix’ for buck teeth. Veneers can’t be used as an alternative to braces. They don’t really fix the problem; they only mask it. And that too, only in some cases. Firstly, the dentist reads the structure of your jaw and teeth, which will provide an idea for the course of the treatment procedure. Secondly, the dentist takes a mold shape of your teeth, which enables them to customize the veneers according to your needs. Then the teeth, on which the veneers are supposed to be placed, are trimmed and ground to make place for the porcelain veneers. By the time the permanent veneers for your teeth are manufactured, the dentist will use temporary veneers to check their suitability on your teeth. If any mismatch occurs, the dentist will further grind and trim your teeth accordingly. Once the teeth are ready for the veneers, the dentist polishes the teeth and bonds the veneers to them using laser and a bonding resin.

Veneers are a simple general dentistry technique to improve the alignment of your teeth. They restore your bite shape and smile. This gives you more confidence in yourself. If you too have buck teeth in the front and need to fix it, find out if they can be fixed by veneers at Beverly Heights Dental.