Are your missing teeth giving you nightmares? Do you feel less confident when you smile because of your missing teeth? If yes, then maybe it is the right time for you to get your dentures on.

What is a denture?

A basic denture is a removable appliance for missing teeth and the tissues which are connected with those teeth. Denture is usually made of acrylic plastic, porcelain and metallic material. A denture looks similar to natural teeth. There are complete dentures as well as partial dentures available. A complete denture is used as an artificial replacement of all the teeth; whereas a partial denture is used for replacing few missing teeth.

Dentures can also be implanted permanently. For more information on this look here. Dentures are basically artificial replacement to natural teeth. These are used by people who have lost all their teeth and find it difficult to chew and eat. Also, dentures can be used by people who have had partial loss of teeth due to age, decay or any other reasons. Dentures give a sense of confidence in people who have missing teeth and also add to their emotional wellbeing.
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Types of dentures

  • Complete Denture: A complete denture, as the name suggests is a full denture, and is used by people who have lost all their teeth. These dentures are made of plastic base and are colored matching the gum tissue. These dentures support a full set of teeth which are either made by plastic or porcelain. A complete denture can either be fixed using a seal with the gums or can be attached by a dental implant surgically.
  • Partial Denture: Partial dentures, as the name suggests, are the partial replacement and are used by people who have only some teeth missing. These dentures can be either made with a base of plastic or a metal framework that can support the exact number of teeth that are replaces. Usually, a metal framework is used for partial denture. Plastic dentures are only used as an emergency or as a temporary replacement for missing teeth. Valplast is a new material that is currently used for partial dentures and it aims in providing a flexible and durable solution.

How are they fitted?

A full denture is fitted over the gums and the jawbone. A complete denture can be fixed immediately after the teeth are removed. The gums can however, take some time in healing. To get a denture fitted, the first step is to give the impressions and measurements of the mouth to a dental technician. A trial denture would be first created and once carefully assessed for fitting, the final shape and color would be given to the denture.

A partial denture is used as a replacement for a single tooth or more missing teeth and is mostly made of metallic frame and is clipped with natural teeth with the help of metal clasps. Partial dentures can be easily removed. To get a partial denture fitted, the dentist will take the measurement of the mouth and the teeth impressions which need to be replaced. Once done, a temporary denture would be used to check for the fittings and once the patient is comfortable, a final denture is made as per the specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What new dentures feel like?

Once the dentures are fitted chances are that you might have to give them a few days to adjust well. New dentures can feel loose or odd and can be slightly uncomfortable to start with. Some people may experience mild soreness or irritation during the first few days.

Do dentures change the facial look?

Dentures are made in such a way that they look natural. All the impressions of teeth are taken beforehand and even the color of the teeth and gum tissues are taken into account. A denture can therefore just add onto the natural appearance of the patient positively without creating a radically altered look.

Is eating difficult with dentures?

Eating with a new set of dentures can feel slightly unnatural in the initial days. It takes time to get used to new set of dentures. However, with little practice and patience, these dentures provide a natural feel. To get used to new set of denture, it is recommended to start eating with soft foods at first. Hard foods with bones or shells or the sticky foods should be avoided.

Do dentures affect speaking?

Some may find it slightly uncomfortable speaking certain words correctly after the dentures have been placed. However, with time and practice, the feels comfortable and things get back to normal. It is advisable to see the dentist if the dentures touch each other while talking. Rarely, some might also feel that dentures are slipping while speaking, laughing or coughing. However, this is very normal and one can reposition the dentures just by biting hard. At Beverly Heights Dental, we have an impeccable client satisfaction score and such problems almost never occur.

Can dentures be worn throughout the day and night?

It can be worn all day, but it is advised to remove them during night. If one wants to keep them overnight under special circumstances, it is best to take them out briefly and massage your gums a bit at night before popping them back in, this helps in blood circulation and is especially important if the person has a habit of grinding teeth at night.

Care and maintenance

It is very important to keep the false teeth clean and therefore one must know how to take care of the dentures. Scrubbing the dentures is an easy way to keep them clean. This can be done by using a toothbrush, denture brush or any other nail brush that that clean all the nooks and corners of the dental replacement. One can also use toothpaste to clean the dentures. Some toothpaste can cause scratches on the surfaces of dentures, so to keep the dentures clean and shining, follow the advice of the dentist.