Are your gums covering too much or too little of your teeth? This can now be fixed by a simple cosmetic dental laser procedure called gingival contouring. Although, in most cases, gingival contouring is done for cosmetic reasons, it is also done for oral health reasons.

Poor dental hygiene can cause deep pockets in the gum and can lead to accumulation of plaque. Gingival sculpting can correct the oral issues like this too along with excessive gingival, papillae loss and exposed root surfaces in the mouth.
gum contouring before after

The Procedure

The procedure only requires twenty to thirty minutes. Usually an hour is sufficient to get this treatment done. The procedure does not involve major discomfort, stitches or bleeding. A local anaesthesia is given to the patient to numb the gums thereby allowing for a painless treatment.


Gum contouring with laser

A laser is used to reshape the gum tissues and the process is also referred to as gum sculpting or tissue sculpting and aids in having a balanced and attractive smile with well-shaped gums.

Laser enables correcting the gum line into a desired shape without any bleeding. Diode or Soft tissue laser is used for this type of gum cosmetic treatment. In some cases, excess bone growth is also removed prior to gum shaping. Gum contouring sometimes involves tissue grafting for reshaping the receded gums.

Post Surgery Care

On the day of gingival contouring, the patient is expected to limit some of the activities. The gums usually take about a week to heal completely. Although the surgery does not involve much of pain, but in case there is pain afterwards, over-the-counter painkillers or as prescribed by the dentist can be taken.

It is advised to eat cool and soft foods for few days. Pasta, eggs, cheese, boiled vegetables and ice cream are some of the recommended foods post-surgery. Avoid foods with seeds that can get stuck between the gums and cause pain.

Use a soft bristle brush post-surgery. Since gums are sensitive for few days post gingival contouring, it is advised to rinse with warm salt water. Flossing should be done with care and in a gentle way.


The cost of gingival contouring to an extent depends upon the condition of the gums and type of work done. The procedure is usually not covered under dental insurance.