Are you experiencing any kind of pain or itching around your mouth, or lips along with some fever, sore throat or some type of swollen glands. Chances are that you might be suffering from a cold sore.

What is cold sore

Cold sore, also known as fever blister, is an oral lesion that is painful, fluid filled, found in clusters and is often caused by herpes simplex virus. The cold sores are contagious and get easily transmitted through saliva transfer which can be caused due to kissing, eating shared food or using common towels.
cold sore stages

Treating cold sore

Cold sores usually heal on their own. However, if a cold sore lingers and bothers too much it can be treated using ointments or pills. Such cold sore treatments usually help in reducing the painful symptoms and treat the sore one or two day prior to the natural healing.

A very effective and immediate treatment is via laser. Laser treatment can be done on the sore at the time when one feels the tingling sensation suggesting the oncoming sore or can be even done when the cold sore is already there and is yet to break out. Cold sore treatment through laser is an effective way of reducing the discomfort caused by the lesion and it also decreases the occurrence of such sores.


Cold sore laser treatment

The treatment is painless and quick and healing is easier and comfortable with laser treatment.There is an immediate pain relief after having a laser therapy , the virus is destroyed and the chances of having such sores is reduced.

The laser destroys the virus causing cold sores by short pulses. Once done, the lesion is dried and the raw nerve ending is made inactive. The healing process is stimulated through bio stimulation which leads to increase in collagen formation.


It is important to take necessary steps to prevent the recurrence of cold sores. Avoid touching cold sores. If you touch, make sure you wash your hands with soap. Also, it is important for people to wash their hands firmly before touching contact lenses. Avoid kissing while having cold sores lest it spreads to the other person. Hygiene maintenance is very important in prevention of such sores. Do not use shared towels or other cosmetic products such as lipsticks, razors or even cutlery.