Your Family Dental Clinic in Beverly

Family Dentistry at Beverly, Edmonton (AB)

dental-implant-cardWelcome to Beverly Heights Dental. We know that a healthy beautiful smile is important to you and we endeavor to achieve that with every patient. We believe that every individual deserves special personalized dental care and our detailed dental evaluation ensures that we have a treatment plan  that is customized based on the needs and expectations of the patient.

However complex, our board certified dentists will cater to you with the long-term results and general well-being in mind. With our state-of-the-art technology and qualified, experienced dentists, we pride ourselves as being a complete family dentistry in Edmonton with the utmost focus on providing patients with a pain-free and good dental care.

We also have a dental laboratory within our premises. This enables us to constantly keep in touch with the lab technicians and to be involved more closely with the fabrication and customization of the dental materials which ensures that our patients get the very best customized fit and dental care.

We also believe in keeping our patients well-informed. Our practice and culture reflects this and this website is one of such attempts to educate our patients about dentistry in general.  If you are concerned about oral issues and are looking for a dentist in Edmonton, please call us at 780-471-4842 to book an appointment.

Our Clinic

Advanced Technology

With digital Xrays, advanced cleaning systems and lasers, the clinic itself is abreast with the latest technologies. We are equipped with ergonomic dental chairs and LED screens to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable. We offer complete and comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry services to give you that healthy and lovely smile.

General dentistry

general dentistryWe evaluate, diagnose treat and even prevent diseases of the oral cavity and do the best to preserve restore and replace missing teeth with meticulous and detailed root canal treatments, precise restorations, long lasting  crowns, bridges and permanent dental implants. We also offer partial and complete dentures (implanted or removable). Our experienced dental hygienists provide complete and thorough dental cleaning and teeth whitening. Our oral cancer screenings are done in a careful and fastidious manner with both physical examination and fluorescent light devices.

Pain management is an important factor. We understand this. We offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation to complement the local anesthetics to make the experience virtually pain-less. Our clinic’s ambiance and friendly staff do the very best to make you comfortable.

Cosmetic dentistry

pretty smile after cosmetic dental procedureAt our clinic, we offer the very best in cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dental bonding, Veneers and Lumineers can completely transform crooked, chipped and discolored teeth to even and beautiful teeth with non-invasive cost effective treatments. We also offer braceless invisalign fitments that can align and straighten teeth with clear and virtually invisible aligners. Our cosmetic treatments have transformed smiles. Call us today for an appointment

Laser dentistry

laser dentistryWe utilize the state-of-the-art laser devices to painlessly and swiftly eradicate cold sores, apthous ulcers and mucocele. We also perform gum contouring laser surgery to shape and correct gum lines. Lasers are well suited to swiftly fix soft tissue problems like oral cysts and problematic uneven gums.


Beverly Heights Dental accepts all major credit cards. Dental treatment costs depend on the complexity, intricacy and materials involved and can vary on a case by case basis. We will keep you informed of the costs involved and also discuss all the options available, so you can manage your financials accordingly. We will also work with you and help reach a solution that will be in your best interests in general.

Our staff will assist you with the required paperwork and insurance claims and we will try to work with your insurance provider to bring your treatment costs within the coverage and budget. After all, we want to genuinely bring a smile to your face.